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Welcome to sculpture. This is the online gallery to view and order limited edition sculptures or commission a piece of sculpture by Nicholas Collins.

You can also view examples of work he has cast for other sculptors on the Casting Services page.


Nick has two main areas of interest for sculpting. Firstly Dog and Horse portraits of peoples beloved pets most of which are done on a commission basis.

The other is Military and Aviation where he tries to capture the moment and the pride of the defence personnel in their service and roll.

Not being bound by just these areas Nick likes to explore other commissions and editions ranging from cultural to surreal sculptures.


Moulding and Casting

As a sculptor Nick has been Moulding and Casting for many years and offers his experience in this area to other sculptors who want to get their artworks moulded and cast. He offers a one to one service which he can discuss the sculpture directly with the artist.

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